Go, Go, Go Shawty

Photography by: Genevieve Renee

Photography by: Genevieve Renee

...it's our birthday. We're going to party like it's our birthday....

We mean, we're probably not going to party (although we would love a piece of cake, and we'd be super into buying new birthday outfits - wait, why aren't we going to party!?)  but we are SO excited to announce that Paper Doll is officially one year old!

As we take a somewhat uncharacteristic reflective moment over here at PD, we can't express how grateful we are for the past year. When we started Paper Doll, it was a pretty us-centric move - we wanted to work together, we wanted to be creative and we wanted to be in an industry we loved - but we had no idea the wonderful people and sense of community it would bring to our lives. 

We've met some of the best couples YYC has to offer (we've said it before and we'll say it again, we are the luckiest when it comes to clients). We've been welcomed into a community of creatives that inspire us daily. We've been reminded how rad this city really is. We've seen more sparks fly in the past year than we ever thought possible (sometimes, even enough to send us to the ER). 

Although we still face those classic growing pains all babes do - late nights and early mornings (OK, OK and occasional tantrums) - we wholeheartedly agree that nothing could be more worth it. 

Thanks for reading, hanging, double tapping, referring, supporting and/or to those closest in our lives, simply putting up with our every-changing schedules and increasingly sporadic text message replies. We are really, super-duper, exponentially thankful for you all. 

That's it - sentimental post complete - for indulging us in this,  we promise a wedding blog next week. Now, excuse us while we go try to turn our birthday into a lifestyle (how many raps can go into one blog post?!). 

XO - L+S