Emcee Life - The Tips + Tricks

Photography by: Jamie Anholt

Photography by: Jamie Anholt

Photography by: David Guenther

Photography by: David Guenther

At this point going to receptions is kinda our day job (edit: not kinda, it is our day job) and we've seen a lot of MCs through the years. So, we thought we'd take a moment to a) give a shout out to all the MCs out there (it can be a tough job and they deserve some major props) and b) list a few of the things that Bs + Gs might want to consider when choosing an MC for their big day!

Vibe of the room
By definition an MC is literally someone who sets the tone and maintains the energy of the room - so, you need to decide what you want that energy to be. If you're leaning towards a classic + elegant vibe, your friend who is so funny (but really straddles the line of what would be considered appropriate) might be beyond hilarious, but may not be the right fit. On the other hand, if you're OK with setting the party tone - that friend might be the perfect choice. Neither is wrong - just make sure you choose someone who understands your goal for the night and can help make it perfect.

We often get the question of whether we think a pair of MCs or a single MC is better. Obviously, we love a duo ;), but that bias aside, our answer is usually this: do your potential MCs know each other? If yes, they might be able to work great in a team and play off each other. If not, it might be more work for them to get to know each other and come up with a cohesive speech for the night. 

Common Bestie
The best MCs we see are friends or family who know both the bride + groom well. By having a person who knows you both, there is equal embarrassing stories for both the bride + groom and both members of the couple are represented.

The Organizer
The most important job an MC has is to keep the evening in order and on schedule. Make sure that when you're choosing someone, they enjoy attention/being in front of a crowd, but also likes a schedule (and can roll with some last minute changes).

The Crowd
Are the guests at your wedding mostly family? Mostly friends? Mostly from out of town? Try to choose someone who knows a decent amount of the guests - this way they understand what kind of humor to play into.

Make sure that you give some direction (and choose someone who can take it!). Half of the battle of choosing an MC is choosing someone who will make the night you imagined come to life. If you give them some loose direction as to what that imagined night includes (aka - it would be so great if you mentioned....), they will make sure to include it and you won’t have to worry about it.

All of this being said, choose the Courtney to your Jenn or the Jimmy to your Justin and we’re sure you won’t go wrong.


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