Quiz: Which Venue are You!?

Kendal + Kevin Photography

Kendal + Kevin Photography

Remember those old school quizzes in Seventeen and TeenVogue that told you which Backstreet Boy you were (and remember how if you got Howie you'd retake it to try to get Nick?). Well, this is kinda like that, but with wedding venues!

One of the questions we get asked most is about the difference between full service and non-full service venues. 

In short, a full service venue (think of a restaurant) offers you the majority of things you need to host your wedding. It provides catering, staffing, tables, seating, glass and tableware, etc. Essentially, your core needs will be met by the venue and you're just bringing in the extra things that you love (flowers, cake, decor, etc.). On the flip slide, a non-full service venue (think community hall) typically offers you one thing - the venue itself. Most of the time, you will be responsible for sourcing vendors and bringing in everything your wedding needs, such as a caterers, waitstaff, alcohol, bartenders, tables, chairs, dinnerware, linens, decor, flowers, etc.   

Once we explain the difference - the next question is always 'which is better and is a non-full service venue less expensive?!' The budget question is easy - non-full service venues aren't necessarily less expensive - often, you are just distributing your money differently. For example, in non-full service venues, you can often bring in your own alcohol (which is a major win for your budget), but don't forget that you'll be paying a rental fee (something most restaurants don't have) and bringing in tables and chairs (something full service venues offer). That is less of a major win for your buget and often these costs even each other out.

However, the 'which is better' question - well, that's harder for us to answer. We personally love both full service and non-full service venues and both come with come with their own sets of major pluses and minor minuses. But which is right for you? Well, that depends on the couple and the wedding they've dreamed of. Hence... 

L+S's Super Fun Which Venue are You Quiz!

1. What was the name of the street you grew up on and what was your first pet?
(Kidding! But all good quizzes start with that right?!)

OK, for real this time:

1. Are you a planner at heart? Do you love spreadsheets and timelines? Do you sort your emails and have multiple folders dedicated to different wedding items? 

YES                                NO

2. When you walk in a room, can you automatically visualize it's potential? Can you easily see the various floorplans that could work for the room and understand the elements that you would require for those floorplans?

YES                                NO

3. Do you have very specific ideas regarding your food, beverage, tables, chairs, decor, etc. that would require different vendors? IE - would your day not be complete without those foodtruck burgers at the end of the night?  

YES                                NO

4. Are you willing to spend time coordinating with multiple different vendors? Do you enjoy logistical elements of the day or at least not hate the logistics elements of the day (or be willing to hire a planner - we know a couple of good ones ;) )

YES                                NO

If you answered more Y's than N's: Non-Full Service Venue Guru
We might as well call you Martha because you love planning and everything that goes with it! Schedules are your JAM and communicating with different vendors on a weekly basis is a piece of cake - so determining drop-offs, pick-ups and set ups are no problem for you! You also love a good design challenge and don't mind dropping some time and money to make your wedding vision come to life. You could rock either venue type, but you seem up to the non-full service challenge!

If you tied your Ns + Ys: Alert - Potential Catfish Situation
You are forever an optimist and although the non-full service venue sure looks pretty online, you might not love it in person. While you don't mind the planning process and you love the idea of a blank canvas, you aren't necessarily ready to dive in head first and might want to take some time to carefully evaluate before choosing your non-full service venue.

If you answered more N's than Y's: Team #FullService
You are a full-service candidate! Not only are you #withher (her being the full-service venue), but you've always known that this is more your speed. That way, you can relax, focus on the details you care about and plan your day away, knowing that your basics are in place. You might have 99 problems, but a venue ain't one.*

*We're sure you don't have 99 problems. We're sure they aren't wedding related. We're hopeful you love JayZ